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Convert your favourite videos of any platform to QR using Python

Convert your favourite videos from youtube or other sources to QR code using python libraries pyqrcode,QRCode.QR are used to encode and decode the data into a machine-readable form.

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Amazing turtle graphics illustration using Python 3

Create an advance program for creating amazing turtle graphics uisng Python 3. Turtle graphics is a module that provides an environment in which turtles move around on a 2-dimensional grid.

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Develop Ping-Pong Game using JavaScript

Code a Ping-Pong game(a ball game similar in principle to lawn tennis and played on a flat table divided into two equal courts by a net ) using javascript.

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Design a big maze game in JavaScript

According to stackoverflow most popular language amoung IT geeks is JavaScript.So, what more best than to develop some games in this phenomenal language.

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Cube Ninja

Slice flying cubes like a ninja. Slice special cubes to unlock new abilities.Various game modes are avaiable to players.

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Mighty Asteroids

Protect your planet form asteroids attack. Blast them with a highly powerful laser gun equipped with a scope for proper aiming.

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